Waterproofing is not limited to roofs but walls and balconies as well. If detected early a simple application of the appropriate product can be a simple and cost effective fix. Wall leaks are sometimes more difficult to detect than your standard roof leak. Getting your walls and balconies inspected yearly is advised. We can teach you what signs to look for in order to stay on top of any potential water intrusion through your walls.



Inspection should be done at least once a year, especially for roofs more than 10 years old. Spotting a potential problem early before the leak actually begins can save the home owner hundreds if not thousands of dollars. 

In addition our company is certified to perform inspections when you are buying or selling a home, we know what signs to look for and will give the roof a good bill of health or if work needs to be done.


Maintenance on any roofing system can be the difference between having your roof last 20 years or last 10 years. We will walk you through and teach you simple ways to maintain the roof yourself and offer you affordable maintenance packages in which we will go out once or twice a year in order to insure you get the maximum life out of your roof.  A small yearly investment can be the difference from spending a few hundred dollars a year as opposed to having to spend thousands if not tens of thousands on repairs and/or complete roof replacement. 

Roof Repairs

Roof repairs if performed correctly and done on time can extend the overall life of your roof. Don’t wait until your ceiling begins to deteriorate before calling us. Contact us at the first sign of a leak whether it is water on your floors or a small stain on the ceiling. Catching a roof leak at an early stage can be the difference from having a quick and painless roof repair, to having to deal with rotted sheeting wood, roof trusses and mold spores. Our dedicated teams of specialist are equipped to handle all kinds of repairs for all the different types of roofing systems found here in Florida.



We know that installing a new roof on your home can be stressful and one of the most expensive investment you will make as a home owner. Our goal is to offer you the best products and solutions to your roofing needs that fit your budget and will give you the peace of mind that your roof will last for many years to come.


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Re-roofing/New roofs

Re-roofing is the process of removing an existing roof and installing a new one. There are many different systems and types of roof available in today's market. Shingle, Tiles, Metal, Built up Roof (Flat roofs) and slate roofs just to name a few. 

We will sit down with you and go over your best options that fit your needs and budget and will be on call for any questions you may have during this process.